Custom Built & Retro Fit Appliances

Excellence in Service, Compliancy & Safety

Gas Custom Built

Building custom gas fired appliances to our clients needs is our passion. We have a full design service inhouse giving us ability to build appliance 100% to our clients process requirements with a strong focus on efficient design. Equipment is then fabricated with gas, electrical, insulation and refractory work all taking place at our toowoomba workshop. Installation at site and commissioning sees through the entire process Although we mostly deal with natural or lp gas appliances diesel, light oil or solid fuel can be used in some projects.

Retro Fit Appliances

Retrofitting your existing equipment with modern burners and electrical control systems can result in decreased fuel consumption and refined temperature control. Fuel type conversions are often another way to save on operating costs. Changes between gas types (natural gas. Lp gas or bio gas) and even to light oil or diesel can be made.

Flue Gas Heater Reclaiming

Often overlooked, heat from flue gases can be used in preheating. General used in water and steam boilers to preheat in feed water, the process can be used to heat air or other product saving time and fuel in final operation.