Excellence in Service, Compliancy & Safety

Steam Boilers...

WFM Co design, manufacture, install and service new and used  steam boilers for businesses across Australia. Our product and service offer excellence and timeliness in project management and manufacturing.

We offer variety of high quality Gas-Diesel and Electric steam boilers for commercial use. Our steam boilers and highly reliable and suitable for generating steam for clothes pressing, laundry, hospital, food processing and steam room applications.

Types of Boilers we manufacture and repair:

+ NG Boilers
+ LPG Boilers
+ Coal Boilers
+ Bio-Gas Boilers
+ BioMass Boilers

We offer full industry compliant installations, commissioning services along with 5 weekly, 3 monthly and annual Servicing Agreements.

Boiler Repair Services

+ Refractory
+ Boiler Insulation
+ Burner and Control System Upgrades
+ All types of Welding
+ Descaling

Flue Gas Economisers

Flue Gas Economisers save money and increases boiler efficiency by re-using heat from the boiler flue gases. They Increase boiler efficiency by up to 18% contributing to savings on gas bills and reducing carbon footprint.

We can design, manufacture and install Flue Gas Economisers to be used in both new and existing commercial boiler installations. We manufacture with high quality stainless steel tubes, providing less resistance and higher tolerance of flue gas condensate.

Choices of flue connection to the side or rear of the economiser are available. Flue Gas Economisers are especially suited for installation with floor standing sectional or steel shell power flame boilers

Boiler Hire Service

We offer a 15 horsepower skid mounted boiler for emergency, short term and long term hire to help keep your business running, saing time and money.