Associated Steam Components

Associated Steam Components

Calorifier Tanks

Our Hot Water Calorifiers can be designed and manufactured  to your specification. Storage capacities up to 50,000 litres are available.

We manufacture our Hot Water Calorifier Tanks from heavy gauge steel making them suitable for a maximum working pressure of 3.5 bar on the secondary side and 5 bar on the primary side (coils or heater batteries). They are tested to 1.5 x maximum working pressure.

Safety Relief Valves

Safety relief valves are used for controlling pressure on boilers in heating systems, on stored hot water cylinders. When the calibrated pressure is reached, the valve opens and by means of the discharge to atmosphere, prevents the pressure of the system from reaching levels which would be dangerous for the boiler and the components in the system itself.

+ Pipe Work - Carbon steel, copper
+ Heat Exchangers - Plate, tube and shell, pipeline tracing
+ Pressure Reduction Sets

+ Condensate Systems - Condensate pumps, receiver tank, traps
+ Valve Reconditioning
+ Design & Manufacture to Requirement