Type B Gas Appliances

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Type B Gas Appliances

Our team of qualified and accredited gas-fitters offer Type B Gas-fitting services for LPG & Natural Gas applications.

Type B Appliances are commonly found in industrial sites, defined in AS/NZS 5601 as an appliance with gas consumption in excess of 10 MJ/hour. Industrial workplaces often operate Type B Gas appliances.

Some examples of Type B Gas appliances include:

+ Installation & Commissions
+ Powder Coating Ovens
+ Cremators
+ Boilers
+ Gas Fired Turbine
+ Engine Powered Appliances
+ Furnaces

+ Spray Booths
+ Air Heaters
+ Gas Trains
+ Kilns & Burners
+ Controls
+ Flues

+ Modulation
+ Flue gas analysis
+ Government compliance
+ 24 hour Breakdown
+ General Annual Servicing
+ Natural, LPG & Bio Gas Systems